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Sibling Session - North Brisbane Portrait Photographer

Every so often I have a break from photographing young children and take a booking that is just full of adults. These shoots excite me because it is a chance to work a little differently, and a challenge to entice natural, genuine smiles from people that wont just laugh because you say the word "Undies".

Ooh - did you smile then? I actually did as I wrote it! #bigkidatheart

So this session was booked with the plan to capture photos for Josephine and Billys' mother, a sibling session that Josephines partner Sam kind of "gatecrashed". In the nicest most welcome way possible!

It was a balmy afternoon at Bunya Reserve, loads of families and dogs enjoying cooling off in the river.

We pushed a few of them out of the way as we took over a walking track for some beautiful group photos to start the session.

With the reserve so busy it made sense to head to a quieter area for the next set, and this particular spot had a lovely dark background that looked amazing in black and white, helped as well by the fact that these three were wearing black and white too. I loved the smooth velvet feel of these images.

Josephine was in her element pirouetting in her very cute dress as Sam twirled her in a dance, it was really sweet!

With the light coming through the trees I had the idea to create a tall-ways panorama (I am sure there is a real term for this, possibly just.... panorama) and to add a bit of fun at the bottom of the frame Josephine hopped up and held herself on the boys shoulders. I love this so much!

As we headed to the next spot I ran ahead to capture some candid walking photos, which the boys started having a laugh by skipping with jazz hands and silly faces.

We finished the session on the boardwalk and since they were in the mood to goof around a little we did some tuck jumps! Always a good laugh these shots!

It was such a great afternoon out and I know their mum will love her birthday surprise!

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