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Baby Mason - North Brisbane Baby Photographer

Oh Baby Mason, with his thick hair and pouty lips, I was so excited about this session as soon as I met this gorgeous family!

Usually in newborn sessions we start with baby wrapped up, but as Mason is a little older at nearly 8 weeks, wide awake and looking around, we started this session with some unwrapped photos of him sitting so happily in his dads arms.

With the cute already hitting the high notes, but Mason getting a little over having his arms free to spring out and surprise him, it was time to wrap and snuggle. I did the wrapping and his parents did the snuggling.

Mason loved being wrapped so much that he soon dropped into a really deep sleep, even snoring a little bit!

With the wraps it makes the session so easy to change colours and shapes without bothering our little model, so we were able to capture a lot of variety really quickly by simply changing the colour of the outside wrap and the curly felt behind him.

I got out the basket setups next and we did a lovely neutral tone, then after looking through some of my digital backdrops, his parents chose the blue flowery image and so we did that one.

While I was fussing over wraps and curly fluff layers, his parents were standing to one side, snuggling each other and just enjoying what a beautiful baby boy they had made, and those sweet little moments are some of my favourite in the studio, even though I don't photograph them.

With older babies, they tend to be more aware of what we are doing at the session, and although Mason was still sound asleep, it was no surprise that once I started unwrapping him for the next set he was soon awake and chatting to us.

With all the preferred colours ticked off the list, all that was left were some super close ups! Eyelashes, toes, curled up fists, its all so delightful to see up close, and Mason's tiny little features were some of the most delicious I have seen.

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