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Baby Samuel - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I love when families return with new babies, and since I remember "baby" Isla's session as a favourite from the past I was extra excited to hear from this beautiful family that they had welcomed a new baby boy, Samuel.

It was mothers day when I got the email that they had just welcomed their new baby boy and although circumstances weren't perfect, they had decided to book in a photo shoot after all.

Baby Samuel was a surprise and a delight to have in the studio, but his big sister Isla kinda stole the show!

She was a little pocket rocket, full of energy and strong will! The sweetest little co-operative model one moment, then refusing to work with us the next. She knew what she wanted and she was not compromising, and I really hope she keeps that fiery strength her whole life!

Baby Samuel, just over two weeks old was the opposite personality. Chilled out, sleepy and snoozy. The only time we heard a peep from him was when he was unwrapped, or when he was snoring!

We started with the family photos and they were giggling because the way I pose families feels so unnatural, so awkward and odd, but it looks awesome in the camera! I like to give a lot of direction when posing and I find most people are happy to trust me on it - especially when they look back at the photos and realise that they actually look really comfortable and relaxed in the image!

With family photos done, it was time for sibling photos, and Isla was happy to cuddle her baby brother, but not laying down, only sitting.

And it turned out that she was done with the sitting cuddling very quickly. So quickly that I didnt even get a chance to photograph her!

But not to worry, I have plenty more tricks up my photographer sleeve.

We sent Isla off for a play in the next room and moved on to the single portrait photos of Samuel. He was in such a snoozy state by now that I don't think he even knew he had moved. I have a sneaky trick where I wrap babies up twice, firstly in a constricting flesh coloured wrap, then in a pretty textured wrap. This way I can change the outer wrap without bothering the baby, and it works so well to keep the session flowing!

We called Isla back into the room to give her baby brother some kisses and she was more than happy to oblige. I was ready to capture this one, and they were such adorable little moments where she was staring at Samuel and then kissing him on the head.

His mum asked for some deeper colours in the session next so we finished hte day with a really cute dark blue set and it was just gorgeous. The dark blues definitely suited Samuel so well.

When her mum had the idea to create the pram photo Isla was so excited, until she realised that she didn't get to actually push him in the pram, for safety reasons.

I take this image in two steps, one with the toddler pushing an empty pram and then we send the sibling out and place the newborn baby into the prop with parent hands stabilising it the whole time, then I stitch the photos together in photoshop to create the final image.

Safety is such an important part of my workflow and the first thing I consider when working with babies and children.

So with safety in mind, Isla had her turn with the pram, then promptly wheeled it out of the room.

Thankfully, my mother in law has sent me two identical prams (my 2 girls each got one for their second birthday, and yes they are still toys when they are not props!) and so I can bring in the second pram for the second photo while toddlers wheel the first pram out to the play area and find a doll to put in it.

She is such a doting big sister and I have no doubt little Samuel will be her best friend and biggest ally in no time at all!

As for mum and dad, the two sweetest parents you ever met with such raw love for their family and strength beyond imagination, you guys are amazing. It was a true pleasure to be part of your little family circle for a morning and to enjoy being part of the wonderful bond you have as a family unit.

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