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Baby Aiden - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

It was late afternoon when I got the phone call from this family that they were looking for a photographer for their two week old baby boy. Luckily for them, I keep wiggle room in my diary for early and late arrivals and just happened to have a session available the very next morning - so we booked it in!

Little Aiden was snuggled in his car seat as they arrived with his Nanna joining them. I quickly wrapped him up for family photos and we did a lovely generation photo too.

Next up was "classic portrait" a very simple, clear photo of Aiden laying on the beanbag, before adding in a few little things such as teddies and an adorable teddy bear bonnet. We all gushed at how sweet he looked in this photo, his Nan particularly taken with the cute little man.

For something different, we decided on an earthy brown image next. We discussed a few of the props and textures I had in studio, until Aiden's mum Grace requested some leaves and I said "Oh yes! I have loads of those!" So I quickly nipped out to our garden and collected a bag of leaves and twigs together, laid them out on a dark brown backdrop and designed this super adorable earthy autumn image.

For a change of colour we moved to silvery grey for the next set, and just check out this gorgeous big smile Aiden gave me!

I had a bit of fun in photoshop with this setup, creating the heart shaped background from my circular poser.

As we gently unwrapped him, Aiden started stirring and waking, so it was time for a drinks break and a change of set for the final one of the day.

Flow posing on the bean bag is fun, quick and timelessly beautiufl. When babies are asleep.

When they are awake, its a bit of a dud.

Aiden... was awake.

So we spent quite some time settling him back into a soft soothed sleep, white noise, heat, patting, stroking. and snuggling all coming in to play at this point. I always think how funny these moments are when we have 3 or 4 adults all standing around staring a newborn baby urging them to go to sleep!

Soon enough Aiden did drop off into a lovely deep sleep and we shot through he posing in no time flat. He managed to stay sleeping throughout every single pose, which meant we captured all the beautiful relaxed photos that his parents had hoped for.

With the photo session wrapped up Aiden snuggled into his car seat again ready for the ride home. His parents were so doting and wonderful with him, he is very clearly their absolute pride and joy.

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