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Baby Miranda - Brisbane Baby Photographer

Baby Miranda was in studio at just on 4 weeks old, a last minute booking to capture her photos at the same age as her hand and foot mouldings.

There was one image request for the entire session... laying on her tummy and looking to camera.

Sounds doable. Right?

She had brought along her big sister 2 year old Helaina and since Miranda started the session with a drinks break I tried to capture some images of Helaina.

However the Peppa Pig toys in the studio were much more appealing as it turned out, and Helaina was not interested in leaving them just yet.

Soon enough Miranda was ready for her photos and so I wrapped her snugly into a rosy pink wrap and we started with some of the simple, classic portraits. Adding in a simple headband made her even sweeter, but when we put a delicate lace bonnet on, things got crazy cute!

Since Miranda was happy snuggled on the beanbag, we invited Helaina back to give her a kiss and a secret, and this tie Helaina was most happy to come play. We were able to capture some beautiful images of the sisters together, bonding already. Helaina is very doting and excited about her little sister, and I expect she will be even more so when Miranda is old enough to run around with her!

Next we did a lovely purple set with a floral background. I tried a half wrap for her which allowed her hands and feet out of the snug wrap that she had been in up until now. Unfortunately as soon as she had a little room to stretch, Miranda kept stretching out straight and tipping her head back with a back arch, so in no time flat I had her re-wrapped into a snug little ball with a butterfly wrap this time around.

It was time for the big finale - the tummy photo!

While Miranda was getting changed into a different outfit, I photographed big sister Helaina on the same set so that we would have some lovely matching images for the family.

We popped a cute pair of ruffle-bum nappy covers on her, her bearded dad laughing that he had never imagined the sentence "Yes I think the pink ruffle bums are cuter" would ever come out of his mouth.

With little babies like Miranda, so young that there is only a little strength in her neck, I only have a very short window to capture this photo. I had everything fully setup and a few light test shots clicked off before we lay her down on the blanket. Right away she lifted her head and looked around at us, even a little smile of pride on her face as she enjoyed a new perspective of view.

Sure enough, seconds later she was laying back down and relaxing again.

With the shot of the day in the bag, we wound the session up and waved our goodbyes, Helaina bribed away from the toys and Miranda sleeping soundly in her car seat after a long morning of modelling.

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