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Baby Madelyn - Newborn Photographer North Brisbane

Little Madelyn was such a little sweetheart to have in the studio. I had been waiting to meet her since I photographed her parents at the maternity session a few weeks earlier.

One of the first things that Bronagh mentioned when booking was that there was quite a height difference between them, and I was like "Oh sure, no problem!" and she said "No, really he's very tall and I am quite short." Well, she was right, and while it made for some challenges posing them together so we did a lot of sitting down photos, but this one on the stairs was so cute I just had to share it too!

Madelyn came to the studio with quite the entourage, her parents, grandparents, Nanny who is visiting from Ireland and her Aunty! I think we can safely say she is one lucky little girl with so much love already flowing around her. They say it takes a village and Madelyn certainly has one!

We quickly got into photographing everyone with her, a group photo before smaller groups and singles. Everyone had a snuggle and a little chat to her, whispering sweet secrets and chatting and giggling at the sweet little sounds she was making.

Soon enough the family photos were finished and it was time for Madelyn to take the main stage.

Since she was four weeks old but three weeks early, it was a lot like photographing a curly, sleepy newborn. She was amazing!

We snuggled a cute pink bunny in with her, a gift from a family member.

And then I photographed her dad's receiving blanket from his childhood and placed her in a circular basket in the middle. I love incorporating personal items like this, it really makes the gallery of images that much more special and iconic for families.

She had been knitted a cute pink and grey blanket so we created a cute bed setup to photograph that with, and because it was os cute I included the little bunny rabbit again.

We also created a sweet dandelion image with the fluffy white felt and a lovely floral backdrop.

Once all the wrapped images were done we moved on to the unwrapped ones. And this is the point that tall babies wake up. And Madelyn was no exception.

But with a little feed, white noise and heat she was soon asleep again and snoring her way through the last images of the day.

And that was a wrap! I had even managed to sneak a few little snuggles in my self which was no small feat given all the hands on deck to snuggle her this day!

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