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Four Sweet Sisters - North Brisbane Family Photographer

These girls are so very close to my heart, having photographed them regularly over the past 5 years. Firstly Tia as a toddler, then her new baby sister Lily followed by twin girls Yasmin and Lulu.

Every time, it is a girl fiesta and I love it, although this is the first time I have photographed all four together at the same time.

With the twins on the move it was always going to be a little challenging, but with the help of the two older girls and their incredible mum we managed to capture a truly stunning photo of the girls all together.

They soon spotted my new swing and while the twins were happy playing with flowers in the grass, the older girls quickly jumped on the double wide swing (specially built for just such photos) and had a lovely time swaying to and fro together, giggling all the time.

The morning was hot and balmy, and as lovely as the yard was with the butterflies floating and the sound of bees on the breeze we needed to get indoors and away from the heat.

Once in the studio we quickly ran through some gorgeous images with flowers and shades of pink, the sisters all taking to the photoshoot like little supermodels.

Well, except for the twins, they were less interested by this part of the day, finding more fun in crawling across the cool tiles next door, getting into mischief in the nappy bag. They even took it in turns of who would come onto the set and smile, such cheeky little rascals but so adorable you could never be upset with them!

We wound up the morning with high fives, fist pumps and giggles as the girls all got changed out of their dresses and into their comfy play clothes to head home. Another successful family photo session complete.

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