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Baby Dakota - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I had been given a heads-up that little Dusty was not a fan of cameras, but as he jumped out of the car full of beans I found it hard to believe.

His mum Hannah was so radiant in her pregnancy and dad Kane was proud as could be too.

It was maternity session day and while Hannah took centre stage, Dusty, just as advised, was hiding from he camera, very wary of any photos being taken of him.

We did manage a tricky one, Kane keeping Dusty entertained and some photoshop magic pulling the photo all together!

It was a gorgeous maternity session with a great mix of indoor and outdoor photos.

Flash forward a few weeks and little Dakota was earth-side, ready for her big day!

Dusty wasn't as scared of the camera this time around, perhaps because I was familiar to him after the maternity session or perhaps because he was just so proud to be a big brother, either way he was simply adorable doting on his little sister.

As this family live out in the country on a horse ranch, we created some gorgeous country themed images for them using their dad's boots and saddle.

Creating these kind of images is a special setup where we use photoshop to merge an image of Dakota with a seperate image of the saddle. She was not balanced on the saddle in the studio.

Baby safety is a top priority for me. Images like this one could easily end in disaster if attempted in real life. I take the extra time to work on an image in Photoshop to create a safe session for Dakota on the day of the shoot.

The rest of her session was all about pinks and flowers, going as girly as we could!

She really suited the soft tones and even woke up at the end to grace us with some beautiful smiles to finish the day!

The best part of the shoot is seeing artwork finished and hanging in your home, and here is what this family ordered from their images.

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