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Baby Aiilah - Brisbane Baby Photographer

Newborn photos are best captured in the first two weeks of baby's arrival, but if your little one is already past that age, no problem!

Aiilah's session is a perfect example of how cute baby photos are at any age! Aiilah was nearly two months old when I photographed her, and as you will see, she is still super cute and we captured some amazing photos for her gorgeous family!

From her chubby cheeks to her delicious thighs, I was in baby heaven photographing (and snuggling) Aiilah!

With neutral soft tones to start the session, we did a baby-focused simple setup with a little wrap and headband and sometimes, simple is stunning!

I had a bit of a creative play with this setup as well, stretching the wrap around her like a crescent moon shape which came up really cool!

A purple wrapped up set came next, although Aiilah wasn't so sure of being tightly wrapped again, and my wrap was barely long enough to contain her if I'm honest! Still, it was a beautiful purple toned set and she was happy enough once she had her arms and legs out again.

The family had a bright yellow blanket with them and so, almost as though we were working our way through the rainbow, we did some yellow! It was totally her colour, but she was starting to get a bit snoozy by this stage which was fine by me.

A few minutes on her mum's shoulder and she was out fast asleep, meaning I could capture more detail of those amazing eyelashes! Aren't they divine?!

With a settled snoozy baby, we quickly ran through family photos and I was nearly bursting with how beautiful this family connection is.

Aiilah even stayed asleep long enough for us to capture another creative image where she just fit into her dads hands for the "Simba" photo!

Being a little older, she soon woke again in time for the last photo of the day, the family circle.

So if you have a baby that is a little bit older than a newborn, it is no reason to hold off scheduling a photoshoot. As Aiilah proved, the images are just as stunning whether she was awake, asleep, wrapped or wriggling!

Contact Natarsha here to schedule your baby photos now.

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