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Scuderi Family - North Brisbane Family Photographer

The Scuderi family are always a bundle of fun when they come to the studio. From eldest son Leo to pocket rocket Gus and their little sister Zoe, these kids are equal parts cheeky and adorable!

With children of this age group I always work as quickly as I can to get as many gorgeous photos before the kids wear out.

That means formal "looking at the camera" photos are always up first, and for this particular session we had something extra special in mind.

I had this idea for a family photo for a long time, one that looked like a giant shopping receipt on the wall. Each item in the shopping docket represents a family member and the last item, well its a little special. And just to be clear - this item is to indicate that the family may grow further, but they do not have any big news at this time.

This image received a silver award at the 2019 Queensland Professional Photography Awards and was part of the portfolio that won me finalist for Family Photographer of the Year.

The other thing I love about this image is that it is a time-warp photo as well, because in years to come, the kids will look back at the pricing of these items and laugh at how cheap everything was when they were kids.

So with the creative and formal photos ticked off, we headed out to the studio gardens where the kids were much more in their element!

I have a few favourite spots in the gardens that I really love, and the stone steps are a hot favourite for a few reasons. Mostly the kids love looking out of the shady nook to see the butterflies and birds that hover at the entrance where I stand. This is how we capture some of these gorgeous expressions!

Although Zoe was still warming up to the photoshoot experience, she loved being with her mum, so they sat together on the hill and sang songs and played hand games while the boys played on the swing with their dad.

For sibling photos the boys helped Zoe to enjoy herself a little more while sitting up with her on the bench.

Then we made our way through the gardens to a large flat lawn where the boys could run and Zoe could look at the flowers and leaves around her.

It was such a fun and energetic photoshoot that the kids were all puffed out as we headed back inside the studio to go through the photos and design this gorgeous wall collection for their home.

Contact Natarsha here to arrange your own family photography experience

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