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Baby Islalea - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I have a confession to make. I dropped the ball on this blog. I wrote this last October and forgot to share it! So baby Islalea will be closing in on her first birthday very soon, but that doesn't make her newborn photos any less adorable, in fact if anything I believe that these photos become more special over time as you look back and think "Gosh, she really did start out that tiny!".

So let's take that stroll down memory lane with this gorgeous family.

Little Islalea is one very special baby girl - she has 2 big sisters and one big brother all very excited about snuggling and cuddling her!

Biggest sister Arriell had the most beautiful hair like her mum and was more than happy to be "The Responsible One" to hold her new sister for the first sibling photo.

"Littlest-big-sister" Ahnaleisia was not so keen to be part of photo day, but to be fair, she has a lot of new things to get used to such as no longer being the youngest and also having to wear jeans for the first time.

Lachyer, "The Only Boy" (as he told me) was really excited about the photoshoot. He remembered the last time around when he wasn't big enough to hold the baby, so this time he was very happy to get a chance to be the Official Big Brother and make the cradle for Islalea on the beanbag.

The chatter and excitement in the studio during the session was just awesome. Having a new family member is always exciting, but when the kids are old enough to join in that excitement it takes the joy up another notch.

Once the kids were finished with their really cute sibling photos (there may or may not have been some sneaky tricks involved to get Ahnalesia in the picture) they were released to the toy room where they had a great time baking in the kids kitchen and playing with the toy box.

With just Islalea left to photograph I got to work quick smart. During a drinks break I had photographed some of the sets that we were going to put her into, so I was able to quickly photograph her closeup photos to blend with the background photos I captured earlier.

Then it was time for the unwrapped photos. We went with a soft neutral and some gentle pink toned wraps and headbands. But before we were through the full workflow, little Islalea woke up, so we popped a pair of pants on and captured some beautiful open-eye images - and guess what? She even smiled!!

With that it was time to wind up the photos and send the kids off for a play at the park and a picnic lunch for being so amazing.

Contact Natarsha for more information on booking your newborn photoshoot (and don't forget to ask about our FREE maternity shoot with every newborn shoot booking).

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