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Studio Cleaning and Health Procedures - Family Photography by Natarsha March

Specific information regarding studio cleaning and health procedures


Ok guys, this is the serious bold-font, super important stuff first:

As high priority in this time,

please do not come to a photoshoot if any member

of your family is not in 100% full health

or has been in contact with someone

who has or may be carrying the COVID-19 virus.

We can reschedule your photo session

with no trouble and at no cost.

The studio will close effective immediately at the first sign of any infection in myself or my family members.

While we are all navigating the coming months

and the repercussions of what is unfolding around us,

I would like to offer

free rescheduling

Cancellations are still available and have a

50% refund of your $200 session fee.




The studio is currently a non-contact space

As much as I love a handshake or a hug, in the interest of yours and my health, please keep welcomes and farewells contact free.

Outdoor family sessions are running mostly as usual for now. These sessions require no contact between us and are usually hosted out in the extensive and private studio gardens.

Viewing and ordering

The standard process is to go through your photos right after your photoshoot in the studio to save another trip out of the house. If you prefer, we can arrange a Zoom video meeting from your own home.



From May 16, in accordance with the regulations set by the Australian and Queensland governments, we are able to conduct newborn photoshoots again so long as we are taking all health precautions possible. I have a N-95 face mask that I will be wearing at newborn sessions until further notice, hand sanitiser is always a big part of newborn photography and that will remain the same. The props are washed between uses (standard practice) and hard props and studio surfaces are sprayed with Glen 20 before and after use.


The studio is cleaned after every session.

Viruses are not new to newborn photographers, they are always around and we have stringent cleaning procedures in place all the time. The COVID-19 virus is believed to be removed from surfaces with household disinfectants (refer reference link below). For this reason, stringent cleaning right after a shoot is best practice, a quick refresh clean is also done before your shoot.


I have an N-95 virus-level face mask. It is black and looks a bit like I am wearing undies on my face, but its an embarrassing reality I will bear in the interest of your health if I need to come within your personal space for any reason.

Can't see the duckface pout anymore!

Hand Sanitiser

I use hand sanitiser like crazy at sessions now and encourage families to use it as well.


The studio is hot mopped with disinfectant after every session.


All blankets, wraps and soft props are hot washed after every session.


Hard props that are used in your session are sprayed with Glen 20 antibacterial and anti-viral spray after each session. The bathroom and studio couches are sprayed with this just before your shoot and soft furniture is also hot upholster-cleaned once a month.

Food and Drinks

Usually water and snacks are available during your photoshoot. Unfortunately, for the time being, no food or drinks are on offer. Please bring your own snacks to your session in the coming months.

Children's Toys

Most of the studio toys have been put away for the time being as they are too time consuming to clean appropriately in between every session. There are some brand new, un-used, take-home colouring sets to entertain children if necessary. Please feel free to bring your own toys, books and iPads to the session.



Please understand that while all best efforts are made to keep the studio clean, your family and my family safe from illness, with so many people showing no symptoms it is impossible to guarantee that any viruses would not be spread.

If we need to reschedule, it's no problem at all. While newborn sessions are time-sensitive and best held in the first two weeks after baby arrives, our health is a higher priority. Postponing a newborn session out a few months to capture cute baby photos instead will not matter in the big scheme of things.

If you have any specific questions please message Natarsha directly.

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