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Eric and Liana - Newborn Twins Photography Brisbane

Well if the newborn twin photo above with Eric, Liana and their big sister Annabelle isn't melting your heart already, just wait until you see what else we captured at this adorable newborn photoshoot!

I first met this beautiful family back in 2014 when Annabelle was born, she's the big sister in these photos but she looked like this 7 years ago:

Which is pretty cool to see - because doesn't her new baby sister Liana look so similar?

Included in every newborn booking is a complimentary maternity photoshoot, and since Annabelle is a very talented dancer we incorporated some of her flair into the outdoor photos as well.

Flashforward a few weeks and this little family of 3 were suddenly 5! This time really does flash by so quickly in the scheme of things, even if it does feel like the longest, slowest few weeks of your life waiting to meet your little ones.

Family photos are almost always up first at a newborn photoshoot, they are some of the most important memories you will have in your life, the very hazy, very new and often very first ever family photos all together.

I also love to capture a really cool black and white photo of parents and new baby, and while this is a standard inclusion at every newborn and baby photoshoot, we can also incorporate twins into the same shot - which I think Liana was happy about as you can see from her gorgeous smile here too!

This shot is such a unique family portrait that I have also created a unique way to print it - on a circular woodmount! This product has a really thin hanging profile, a crisp circular edge where the fine art print is laminated onto marine-grade plywood and that lovely raw wooden edge is left visible for a hint of rustic warmth. We can print these circular wood mounts at any size, here's how cool it looks as a 30 inch circle.

With family photos ticked off, it was on to single portraits of Annabelle - because of course we need to capture all family members equally, even at a newborn session! She was more than happy to be centre attention for her turn in the spotlight, she took direction so easily and my gosh her images are just so sweet!

Oh, and not to forget this stunning outdoor portrait that we captured at the maternity photoshoot - she was so excited to have a photo taken with the tiara. Her parents loved this so much that it was chosen as a special print for the wall as well.

Talk about an amazing big sister though, Annabelle was so caring and kind, snuggling and supporting little Eric and Liana so delicately but with a confidence I only wish I had at her age!

You could almost imagine a little girl playing with her baby dolls when you look at this image of her delicately singing to her little siblings, but I promise you there are no dolls here!

With twin photoshoots of course I love to capture them together, and because I don't have two of every prop in my collection sometimes that means getting a little creative in photoshop to create something special, just like this image with the same bowl, adjusted at the shoot for each side of the finished image and then stitched together in production. I used the little teddy bears to tie them together in the middle as well.

And as much as we love seeing twins together, I think it is also important to capture them individually as well, after all, every one is unique, even if you did share a room with your sibling for the first 9 months!

With so many gorgeous images in their session, this family chose to create a fine art album to have all of their images printed like the story of their arrival. The 11x11 inch fine art album is such a popular product in newborn photoshoots, especially as we can also do mini replica albums for grandparent gifts too!

For more information on newborn photoshoots (for triplets, twins or just one baby!) fill in the contact form on the website here and an info pack and pricing will whizz out straight away.



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