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Martin Family - Family Photographer Brisbane

Recently, I partnered with Families Magazine Brisbane and donated a prize of a Brisbane family photography session for the "Its been a rough year, let's get out and enjoy Queensland again" edition.

The lucky family to win my donated prize was the Martin family, with Mum, Dad, 9yo Nicholas, 8yo Evelyn and 6yo twins Zac and Max.

From the moment they poured out of the car I knew it was going to be a rockstar photoshoot! The kids were full of energy, super excited because it turns out this is their first ever family photoshoot, "not counting school photos, of course." hahaha.

With their prize including ten digital files and a 16x20 inch fine art canvas, we quickly worked out what those top 10 images were going to look like and which was the one most likely to be on the canvas. This is a really important part of the process because it means that I can tailor the photoshoot towards the final product. Knowing this family wanted a sibling photo of the kids on the canvas meant I knew to photograph lots of options for this image for them to choose from.

We also include family photos and single photos of each of the kids, in this session the family loved some from set A and some from set B for the singles, and luckily since they have 4 children, it all balanced beautifully.

The other thing I love to incorporate into every family photoshoot is some of the formal "looking at the camera" photos, which we usually get early on in the session while younger children are more likely to co-operate and it is what everyone expects when they arrive for a photoshoot.

Later in the session we dissolve into some games on the lawn to capture some more relaxed and candid moments such as this one where the kids are all running towards the parents for an ultra squishy hug!

Straight after the photoshoot the family took a short break while I pulled out the top take of each shot and then we went through their photos on the projector to select those top 10 images and choose the favourite one for the canvas.

It was such a gorgeous afternoon in the studio gardens with a gorgeous family, the joy and love between this family of 6 is so evident and just delightful to have been a part of for a few short hours.

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