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Smith Family - Family Photographer Brisbane

If you love red hair you are going to absolutely adore this session share! Sarah and Liam both arrived at their family photoshoot ready to rock, lots of giggles and love bubbling out of each of them, and their glorious red hair glowing in the late afternoon sun.

Winter afternoons in the studio gardens are just divine, the native birds tweeting (hello darling whip-birds) or shrieking (I'm looking at you cockatoos!) amid the lush vegetation here. Winter sun making for a comfortable cosy afternoon of fun outdoors.

Last time I photographed these cuties they looked like this:

So you can imagine how excited I was to see how much bigger they are now!

Can I just take a minute to mention how amazing it is to keep in touch with families for such a long time? It is such an honour to be chosen to document a family's growth, from tiny little babies to energetic kids and beyond. Having been a professional photographer for 10 years now, I have met and captured the life milestones of hundreds of families, most of whom return for update sessions every few years. It's so bloody cool!

Ok so back to the present and the Smith family photos, 2021 update.

We always start a photoshoot with the more formal images since it's kind of what you expect when you arrive at a photoshoot, you know? Everyone is a little unsure of what to expect so I give a lot of direction, stand here, do this, feel awkward but smile cause you look totally natural - and you really do!

Then we break down the groups, lot of photos of everyone, both looking at the camera for classic portraits and then having a giggle together for more candid, connected moments.

These kids were such rockstars as well, you would almost think they were professional models! Sarah especially had a gorgeous little giggle and the sweetest smile ever and just look at how confident and charismatic Liam is! I will take a small amount of credit for this, as Liam is your typical 10yo boy who has his go-to smile ready at any moment. You know the smile, its the one that you have loads of photos of, the one that looks a bit weird but hes giving it his best shot.

Well part of my job as a professional photographer is to draw out the real personality and capture the real smiles, and while sometimes thats easy, some times I have to work a little harder for it but the results are just so heart warming, its one of my favourite parts of the job!

Sarah has a total renaissance vibe about her, those sweet little curls, the rosy cheeks, she is an absolute cherub and a muse.

Its always fun to capture some more relaxed family photos at a shoot as well, so with that in mind we mucked in with some games and jokes.

The studio gardens are great to photograph in because I have a few spots specially designed for photos. This double-wide swing is one of them. Every kid who sees it cant wait to jump on, and then the stink old photographer says "ok now stop swinging so I can take the photo!" hahaha.

Keeping in the theme of having a bit of fun, and because quite clearly this family have super powers, we did a Super Family photo! Everyone chose their favourite Hero Pose and here's what we got - Dad just landed from saving the world, Sarah about to open a can of whip-a$$, Mum about to take off and save the day and Liam already in flight like Ironman. Super cool right!!

The Big Log is the other spot I love to photograph families, such a great rustic spot that can fit a small group or an extended family but in a totally organic environment.

With the sun peaking out from behind the clouds just in the last minutes of the photoshoot we were able to capture some totally sun-soaked images at the end of the shoot.

So with this many amazing images in their gallery (and even more that I cant fit all into one blog post!) what did they create? A gorgeous 30 inch framed gallery art was the ideal print with a story in one piece, as well as a set of 3 canvases for another room in the home.

Contact Natarsha here for more information on creating family heirlooms like this for your home.



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