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First birthday family photoshoots are always so much fun and Atharv had an absolute cracker!

We kicked off his birthday photo session in the studio with some ONE celebration photos, these are such a cute way to mark a birthday milestone and the numbers are always so interesting to play with, I just love it!

While in studio, I also love to capture this silhouette family photo for something a little different. It is an image I capture at every newborn photoshoot but babies up to around one year old can fit into the family circle, and often with adorable results like this!

Next it was out to the studio gardens for lots of snuggles with mum and dad, which is code for how we sneak in some formal family portraits.

Mum and Dad always have single snuggles as well, and the little ones love this part, the singing and lifting-up games such as "Grand old duke of York". We were especially lucky to have the garden in full bloom of flowers during this session as well, Spring really is the most gorgeous time of year in Brisbane.

Another big part of first birthday photoshoots is to capture the milestones such as standing or walking. As each child grows at their own pace we just capture what they are up to. Atharv is nearly walking, but not quite, and he loves to stand on his own while holding onto something for support. So of course, that's exactly what we documented for him.

I have a large range of outdoor props that I love to use in the studio gardens and without a doubt, the antique trike is always a hot favourite with every little person that comes by! Just quietly, the wheels are all rusted up and lost their rubber so the kids aren't allowed to move it (for their own safety) but since we place it near trees they love to hold the handles and also reach out for other things nearby. I love the curiosity in young babies and toddlers, seeing their excitement and interest in the simple things warms the heart.

With little ones like Atharv I like to keep the photoshoot short and sweet as it is very stimulating for them. We usually have all of this (and more) captured in 40-60 minutes, then its a short relax time for the family with snacks and cool drinks while I prepare the image presentation.

After that 20 minute break we go through the photos together and design their ideal products for the home, families love this because they can see their photos right away in the one appointment. This gorgeous family chose to hang a wall collection of five canvases like this.

To create stunning family portrait artworks for your home like this, please contact Natarsha here.

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