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Baby Rocco - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Photographing new babies is always an exciting day. Being there to meet, welcome and document a new little life is one of the most honourable jobs I get to do.

But this was a particularly exciting day for me.

This was my first session in my new studio space!

Of course I had done some test shoots with my own little models. Actually, the older one was having none of it but the little one was more than willing, even asking "can I do this one mum?" with a chin to shoulder, eyes to camera in a cheeky look. She even sat there for around 10 minutes waiting for me to return from a phone call I got mid session - I honestly couldnt believe she was still there when I came back.

Anyway, flash forward as I welcomed the first family to the new space, and holy cuteness did I hit the jackpot here - these guys are adorable!!

Litte Astyn was right out of the gate and straight into making cups of tea for everyone in the little kitchen while mum and dad cuddled new little Rocco as he lay sound asleep on them.

The jackpot kept on giving as Rocco was such a good sleeper, we were done with family photos in record time and then things hit the brakes a little when Astyn was not having much of the whole modelling gig. At home he loves to cuddle his new little brother, but on this day we couldnt even bribe him to lay down for a moment.

So we sent him out for more playtime and moved on with the session, capturing some beautiful setups in different neutral colours.

By the time we were towards the end of the shoot, I had a lightbulb moment and we pulled out the bubbles.

Bubbles? For a newborn?

Nope. Bubbles for 2 year old Astyn!

He loved it! He cuddled his new little brother while mum blew bubbles to make him squeal and giggle and just like that we had some beautiful images of the boys together.

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