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It was a hot, blustery afternoon in the middle of a hot blustery week in February when we arrived for this family session.

It was somewhat of a milestone session as 12 year old Ella is about to embark on a journey with her orthodontist just days after our session, so this was the last chance to capture her beautiful smile as it is now.

So when I asked the kids who likes photos best and who wanted to go first in front of the camera, they all pointed right to Ella who obligingly stepped forward. With the wind blowing her beautiful blonde hair about her face, perched on the cool grey rocks that matched her stunning blue eyes, we had the session under way.

The boys followed next with some wicked blue steels. Boys love not smiling, this is not news to you I'm sure, so it took a little work to get the smile to their eyes but when you get that moment of honest, genuine happiness, wow is it magic!

With the sun dropping we snuck into the sand dunes for some glowy, sun-soaked portraits. I absolutely love the light at this time of day, its so delicious and warm and it makes your skin glow in a way that everything just looks perfect.

With some park setting photos done and the sun just dipped below the horizon we finished the session back out on the water channels with some more family photos. By this time 15 year old Kyle had a bit of mischief in him and with a few skim-kicks in the water aimed at his big brother Sam, suddenly it was game-on!

The boys were sprinting all over the beach, parents watching to see if Sam would catch his younger brother, and if so how it would end? Would Kyle continue to outrun his big brother? Would Sam eventually catch him? Would Sam tackle Kyle into the water?

Well, I'll tell you how it ended. Kyle pulled into the iconic safety zone of Hiding Behind his Mum and of course, Sam had to let it go. It just goes to show that no matter your age, the Mum safe-zone will always apply! Got to love that!

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