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It was a beautiful winter afternoon riverside, the ducks were paddling their last laps of the day, the turtles popping their heads out of the water checking who was still in the park.

The winter sun was dropping low in the sky creating that beautiful golden glow that we photographers love so much.

The family jumped out of the car saying their hellos, little Heather hiding behind her mums legs at first and a very curious Sebastian checking me over, possibly trying to work out if I was going to be friendly or bossy. (That depends who you ask by the way. My own children would likely say bossy but most kids think I'm friendly!)

After looking through the print products at the cars and getting paperwork all out of the way, we headed off to my first favourite photo spot under some beautiful tall trees on the path just near the carpark.

However, today there were some people looking through the bushes, searching for something.

I presumed they were local rangers or scientists documenting something. Turned out they were Brazilian tourists looking for worms to use as fish bait in the river. Ok then...

They found a few unfortunate worms and got out of our way and we had the first gorgeous family photos clicked off very quickly.

The light was so gorgeous sparkling off of the river beside us that I spun the family around and did some bright sparkly photos with the glittery water behind them in the same spot.

We headed for the boardwalk and passed the tourists who had not caught anything with their worms. The children seemed surprised by this, the rest of us not so much.

The pathway is a little rocky and Sebastian wanted to run but we had to hold him back because both mine and Claire's mothers instinct were screaming "they will FALL and get HURT and CRY" none of which is good news at a family photoshoot. So Sebastian was carried by his Dad and Heather happily walked at a responsible pace to the next photo spot.

The boardwalk was a safer place for Sebastian to run, so we let him run! A two year old has to burn off some energy somewhere right?

So Sebastian ran, and Heather sat sweetly for some photos on her own. Sebastian came to look at some yellow leaves she was holding which was such a sweet moment between them.

We tried a family photo here but Sebastian just ran towards me, the cheekiest smile on his face!

For our final spot we headed to the waters edge. Its always a risk with active young kids to be so close to the water which is why we leave these photos to the end.

They threw some stones into the water, looked for turtles and ducks, ran around in circles on the river sand and stopped for the briefest of moments to sit on a little rock at the rivers edge.

And with the sun dropped right down behind the hills and the childrens' cheeks flushed from all the fun it was time to end the session and wave this lovely family off to a nice dinner out together!

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