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Baby Landon - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to have this family back in the studio!

Two years ago I photographed Honor's newborn session and I still love looking through her session because there are just so many sweet images!

So when she came back with her new little brother I could not wait to meet and photograph them together!

Honor had other ideas.

This kid is hilarious by the way. She has such a personality, she knows what she wants and happily goes about having it. She quickly introduced me to "Baby Landy" as they arrived then, carrying her favourite toys from In The Nightgarden, she just went right on through the studio to find the toys in the presentation room, a backwards wave of her hand to dismiss me, not even looking back.

My attention turned to the baby carrier and wow - Baby Landy is adorable!

Lucky that, since he was not planning to sleep much while here, which makes posing and photographing a little more tricky for me as a photographer. However he came out with the sweetest smiles and such strong eye contact it was an incredible session all the same.

Since we started with some photos of Honor by herself I thought maybe we could do the sibling photo up first while she was in the mood for photos.

"Hey Honor! Why don't you have a cuddle with Baby Landon?"

"No no no."

Dad had brought his Sea Hawkes beanie that we had photographed at Honor's newborn session and it barely fit over Landons head! He's only 2 and a half weeks old but he has already grown so much. His mum said it had been loose when he was just born!

"Hey Honor! Why don't you have a cuddle with Baby Landon?"

"No no no."

Finally Landon fell asleep and we got some sleeping on the beanbag photos in the tiny window that he gave us, however as soon as we moved him to the second pose he was not having it so it was time to try the final setup before calling it a day.

"Hey Honor! Why don't you have a cuddle with Baby Landon?"

"No no no."

Landon re-settled into the final setup and even dozed back into a light sleep so I photographed him in the set. It was one of my favourite images from Honor's newborn session so I was so glad to have them both peacefully sleeping in the same set. It was now time to end the shoot and we still didnt have that elusive sibling photo.

"Hey Honor! Why don't you have a cuddle with Baby Landon?"

"No no no."

She was happily playing with the Peppa Pig toys and so we asked if she would like to take them over to show Landon.

We all collectively held our breath...

She did! She had an armful of Peppa Pig figurines, another character in her hand, but she went to her brother and had a quiet talk with him about them. It was glorious. It was sweet and it was real. And it was a sibling photo with a great story to tell for years to come.

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