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Salvatore Family - North Brisbane Family Photographer

After being rained out twice, we finally got this family session in on the weekend that a Cyclone was passing by Brisbane!

You would never know it to look at these photos, it was one of the most perfect summer evenings you could ask for. A balmy breeze and golden light filtered delicately by the clouds on the horizon.

We met at Bunya Crossing Reserve on possibly the busiest day of the year. It was chaos! We were all lucky enough to jag a carpark by the river and set off on the tracks to find some quiet spots for the session.

Usually this is a quiet reserve, but on this particular afternoon it was so busy that we must have spent half the session waiting for people to walk by. Not that it affected the end results, these family photos are just stunning!

With the first set done, we found a quieter area of the park and did a few sets with Kookaburra's flying overhead and chattering loudly to each other.

I love photographing the boardwalk in this reserve so we headed there to finish the session with the diffused golden light just getting more divine each minute. I think the kids were getting a bit over my constant instruction by the end of the day but they kept their smiles up for me all the same.

Actually I should take a minute to mention just how lovely Serena and David are. Serena has the sweetest smile, and although I got the impression she was not totally comfortable with a camera pointed at her she was great at going along with it all.

And David, well this guy is so polite he never even corrected me for calling him Daniel for the first half hour of the shoot! He had an awesome smile that came all the way from his heart and out of his eyes with a warmth that you just feel when you look at his pictures.

Since we were cruising along in the shoot I decided to have a little go with a different technique I have been playing around with lately. It involves using a glass ball to photograph through and create a unique style of image where the centre of the ball is in focus. I love how these came up, so fun!

With all the main photos and a few "crazy photographer" photos clicked through we were at the end of the shoot!

It had been a beautiful afternoon in the park with this lovely family.

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