8 Ways to Avoid Cheesy Kid Smiles

July 10, 2019


Capturing natural photos of kids is a challenge, I know this very well! I thought it might help to share some of my top tips on capturing natural smiles from kids so you can try these at home yourself. 



1. Say Anything But Cheese


Unless you want the "kindy smile' you are best off to ask your child to say anything but cheese. Literally, anything else.  "Undies!" is my fave, but pizza, chocolate, brocolli, smelly-monkey-fluff-bum-hippopotumus all work well too.


Literally, anything but cheeeeeeese.





2. Sit on the Special Stool


I have a cute little stool. I also have a cute swing. And a vine rocking chair. The prop list is embarrassingly long so I will stop there, but I am a professional photographer so of course I have these really cute pieces in my prop collection to draw on.  


In your home, have a think about the fun spots they would like to sit or a cute prop you can sit them on in different locations. Having them seated can help them keep their feet still and make them feel special and ready for photo time.