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Chapman Family - North Brisbane Family Photographer

This was a very personal photoshoot for me with a family that I know well and enjoy spending time with. A family that get less awkward each time we have a photoshoot - which is saying something for teenagers!

I first met the Chapman family years ago when their mum Leisa got in touch to arrange some photos of her jewellery line, I Love That Necklace. (It's really pretty, you should click through to see her products after you finish reading this blog - I will link it again at the bottom)

A friendship has bloomed over the past years, as our businesses have grown and blossomed as well, and what started as a business relationship has now become a firm friendship.

So when she and husband Craig asked me to photograph their family this year, I was really excited.

The dogs soon made sure they were the stars of the show, Violet refusing to partake and Sizzle taking every opportunity for centre stage!

Dogs are just as much a part of a family as any human, and capturing the connection between them and the family is always so sweet. Sometimes the dogs personalities can be bigger than the humans!

With the pups finished up we wandered out of the house a little and found some beautiful spots in the garden.

The colours were all just so beautiful and the family all so relaxed in this photo, it was quickly one of my firm favourites - so much so that I have it printed on a woodmount desktop product sample in the studio so that I can enjoy it too!

The sun was setting behind the trees and the golden light was just divine. The kids were getting more used to taking turns in front of the camera, less self conscious as the session went on. Perhaps they also knew it meant it would be over soon enough too, haha!

I love to break family groups into smaller groups at the end of a shoot, boys and girls photos, mix and match everyone around. One of the photos I love from every shoot is the "mum and dad together" photo, a photo that not many people take themselves and most couples last had taken on their wedding day. Craig and Leisa are so clearly very much in love, probably to their teenagers embarrassment! It is always such a joy to be around couples that make you feel good about love like this family does.

With the day all finished up, they returned to the studio a week later to design their print products, and this is the gorgeous statement piece we created with their photos, just perfect.

Ooh and remember to check out Leisa's gorgeous products at

Contact Natarsha here for more information on a family photoshoot with your teenagers.

You can check out the I Love that Necklace range here.

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