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Gabriela - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Gabriela snuck into the studio in her mums arms, blissfully unaware of the fuss going on around her for most of the morning.

Her Mum, Dad and Grandmother were with her and they were so relaxed and at ease with her, it was no surprise she was also so peaceful.

Her Grandmother doesn't speak much english, so a lot of our conversation was via gestures from me and translated to Spanish. This actually happens quite often at my sessions, I've heard my instructions translated in French, German, Mandarin, Japanese and Indian to name a few and its always fun to try and pick up a word or two!

We breezed through her beautiful family photos, a generation photo with mum and grandma, snuggles with dad, gosh you can see from how he couldn't take his eyes off her how much love he has for his little girl.

Since she was still sound asleep we snuggled her into a flowery basket setup and before you knew it we were nearly finished with the session.

So it was about this point that Gabriela decided that she was done with co-operating with me. Every time I went to set her down on her belly for some sleeping-on-beanbag photos she would unsettle. We fed her, snuggled her, tried to get some sticky burps out, waited till she was (supposed to be) in a deep settled sleep but still she would awake each time she was placed down.

Plan B was to do the bean bag in reverse workflow. So I started with her on her back, snuggled soundly in a soft wrap, then brought her to the side, then the front, then to the tummy photo that I usually start with. It was a slow and steady procedure but in the end we were able to capture all of the special photos that mum and dad particularly love.

Let me tel you though - she's a startler! At one time, as she was drifting off to sleep, she was twitching and flinching so much I had to check twice with her mum and dad that she always did that - and yes, they said, just like her dad!

By the time we were all done with the session, the last photo clicked, she was sound asleep once more, snuggled into a donut and peacefully dreaming of the sweet, blissful things that newborns do.

Snuggles on Dads chest and the sound of mums voice would be right up there with the things babies love the most, you'd have to think.

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