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Going Urban - Family Photographer Brisbane

When the request for an "urban graffiti type family session" came through, I thought "Yes! I know just the place!"

There was a spot under a local bridge that I had been a few years ago and it would be perfect. Except that as happens over time, the creek had overgrown and it was now inaccessible. So the hunt for a new location for this shoot began.

As it happened, I had another shoot in the city the week prior and drove past this amazing brightly graffiti covered wall, so I sent through some photos and our location was found!

These kids are such characters, their mum says Freya has a rubber face, which I have to agree with! There were so many extra photos from this session because she is just so expressive in her curly haired, cheeky way.

Declan on the other hand is very considered. No crazy goofing for him, although if you want a great smile from him, get him to say "onomatopoeia" over and over until he is in hysterics. Are you smiling now too? Yeah it totally works!

Mum and Dad tried to sneak off for a quiet couple photo but Freya was copying Declan jumping off the wall and she didnt quite nail the landing like her big brother so for the duration of their "couple in love" photos their 4 year old was at their feet with a panic-face holding her knee "in agony" because of a tiny dot of blood that had somehow been squeezed to the surface. Got to love parental romance right?

These guys are so active with the kids, there were lots of climbing over mum and dad, lots of swinging in circles and being thrown in the air - I can tell you these parents are fit! They must have lifted the kids into the air at least 10 times each, not once with any shaky lifts either.

It was so refreshing to do something a little outside of my comfort zone but I am so glad we did, it was such a fun session and I just love how bright and funky these family photos are!

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