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That Time We Made a Sandcastle - Brisbane Family Photographer

I have photographed this family many, many times over the past five years and I think it has rained on us. Every. Single. Time.

So when I pulled into the carpark for the session and the dark skies started to drop on us, I figured it is not their family session without some rain around. Lucky I had brought umbrellas.

The boys have grown so much since the last session! Owen has just finished his first year of school and Paddy is growing so independent keeping up with his big brother. He wanted to run a lot at this session, and since my general rule with kids is to (mostly) let them do whatever keeps them happy, we let Paddy run.

While he toddled off with a sneaky grin back over his shoulder his big brother Owen was spotting turtles in the river with his dad. Of course Paddy quickly noticed that he was missing out on some fun so came back to see what was going on. The boys and their parents sat on some riverside rocks spotting loads of wild turtles popping up for air from the murky waters of the slow running river.

We made a move further up the trail and found a beautiful wooden boardwalk, I love photographing boardwalks! The boys had some cuddles with mum and dad and then since Paddy loves to run, I sent them all off for a walk together before the boys broke away into a run back towards me.

Things slowed down again when we spotted a beautiful lizard on a tree right beside the boardwalk, the boys fascinated again by the wildlife in the area.

Another change of scenery and we went to the waters edge. Now, this park is such a beautiful spot and dog friendly too. Which sounds like a good thing until you realise that some dog owners are not responsible for their dogs at all.

The boys were building sandcastles in the sand at the waters edge as their parents looked on. Smiles on their faces, adoring eyes that are saying "Look at our lovely boys, playing nicely together."


Mums eyes change. Alert! Alert!

Her hand goes to her eyes to shield her from the horror below.

The realisation hits that the boys are happily building their castles... with dog do.

It's times like these that as a parent, you just roll with it. This is why we always have disinfectant wipes on hand and spare clothes with us. How lucky for this family that this treasured family memory is captured to remember forever! #oneforthewall

It was straight into the water to clean up their hands, and boys being boys they were in up to their armpits within seconds. Luckily despite the overcast sky it was still a balmy summers afternoon and the water was warm.

So between spotting wildlife, playing with mum and dad and an impromptu swim in their clothes, these boys had an amazing afternoon out!

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