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Family Fun at the Gardens - Family Photographer Brisbane

When I met this family in the carpark I had to double take - did this family have twin boys that I forgot about?

Nope. Just a very tall 3 year old! Almost the same height as his five year old big brother!

It was a cool, calm summers morning as we headed into the gardens, a big relief from the heat and storms we have been having lately. The ground was still damp from last nights rain but it didnt bother anyone.

As dad pushed the pram with little Charlotte, mum and the boys wandered with me, checking out the baby ducklings that were feeding with their parents in the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens lake.

A quick check that nobody was afraid of birds or lizards and we were off - the first family photo snapped right off the bat and then sibling and portraits of the kids. Charlotte got pride of place on the little stool between her brothers and gosh they were so cute all sat there in the island on the middle of the lake.

Next we headed to the jetty where the kids looked for the resident eel and turtles - and you know what, a turtle did pop up to say hello!

Charlotte had a snack break while the boys had fun climbing all over the railing - always within arms reach of mum and dad of course!

Next we headed into a shady part of the gardens for a the last set of photos. There was a lady doing some meditation on one of the lawns so we tried to keep some space for her and took our rowdy family photo in the shade of the trees.

One of the constant threats in the gardens is the Ibis getting into your bags looking for food or tissues - many a time I have run after these birds chasing down my stuff they have stolen - and today was no different! In fact this particular bird was very sneaky, coming back time and again so that eventually I had to bring the bags closer to us to keep him out of them!

It was such a beautiful morning with this gorgeous family, a welcome relief from the heat and a fun time meeting all of the animals that reside in the gardens.

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