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Sunset and Seabreeze - Family Photographer Brisbane

It was a last minute decision for Nan to join the photo session but how amazing it was that she did!

Upon arriving at one of my favourite locations to shoot, we found that a park area that had been fenced off for years was now open and oh my heart - it was just as amazing a location as I had always imagined it would be!

With low hanging trees and soft wavy grass, the sea breeze roaring up in gusts around us in the carpark barely made it into the shelter of the clearing.

Backlight, shade, low hanging trees, this is a photographers heaven - and just add a beautiful family and its magic!

8 year old Lola was so happy dancing around in the sunlight like a butterfly, Nan was collecting shells from the ground and they even brought a new puppy along who loved all the sights, sounds and smells of an afternoon by the beach.

With Nan front and centre for the first part of the session we shuffled family members around her in shifts. I thought she might be getting over all the smiling by the time I was taking her single portraits but then she commented that it had been years since she had a fancy photo taken just of her. I love her photos, she really sparked up being the centre of attention for a little while.

We left Nan to rest on a park bench and the rest of the group traversed the rock wall to access the beach for some sunset photos with the Brighton Tree.

Everyone was pointing out all the shell fish for Lola, hermit crabs, soldier crabs, puffer fish and there was talk of a baby flathead but I can't tell for sure.

The gusty sea breeze was still having a few last huffs around us and hair and dresses were flying around making it all the more haphazard, chaotic and fun. Every now and then the gusts would take a breath and we would get a moment to capture a settled hair, reflective water photo before it would bluster up again.

The sun was setting behind the park and the sky lighting up around us, Lola kicked a few last splashes of sea water around as we headed back to the carpark.

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