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Jordan, Sitter Session - Brisbane Baby Photographer

It was a warm and breezy morning as I met some very familiar faces in the carpark of the reserve. Jasmine was the first to bound out of their car, very excited to be back for another photo session.

She had her mums phone and was showing me some photos from her second ever session, back when it was just her and her parents and no little brothers to be seen. She had a flower head band on and she wanted to know if I had brought it today.

Oh how I wished I could have surprised her with it - and I very nearly did as I had brought my headbands, but that particular one was missing! I promised then and there that I would be sure to bring it for their next session in another 6 months time.

While mum and dad organised the boys, I took Jasmine to look in the river for wildlife, and before you could say turtle, she had spotted one!

With everyone sorted we headed off up the path for the first photos and can you even believe that they got their family photo clicked off in the first 3 clicks?! I certainly couldn't!

This session was to celebrate the newest member of the family, 6 month old Jordans baby photos. With Jordan as the centre of attention, Joshua and Jasmine ran off and found some sticks to poke into the holes of trees. Because they are kids.

Jordan enjoyed getting naked in the park (show me a baby who doesnt!) and we captured some very cute photos with all his soft baby skin contrasting against the parklands.

After the sibling photo it all became a bit much for him and he ended up falling asleep as we were photographing with mum. So mum got some of the cutest sleeping cuddle photos you have ever seen.

Jasmine remembered from all our sessions prior that there are treats for good kids at the end of the shoot and today was no exception as I dished out the bubbles and stickers to her and Joshua's delight.

And with that, we had finished another stunning family session from one of the most beautiful and loving families I have had the pleasure of photographing over the years.

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