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Baby Anmay - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Little Anmay will always be a special session for me as he was both a first and a last.

The first session of 2017, and the last session in my home before moving into my new studio space.

As they arrived, Anmay was snuggled into his Dad's chest fast asleep, and he stayed that way right up to when we set up our first photo... and then he cried.

I took him for a snuggle to see if it was something that could be settled without milk, and occasionally he would calm right down and give me the most inquisitive looks and adorable faces, before remembering once more that he really was hungry and that milk would do the trick.

So while he was fed and snuggled and settled we discussed the colours and setups for his session. I was thrown a little when his parents said "Oh, whatever you think?" because it is so rare to have a choice of literally any of my props - I couldn't decide what to do!

We narrowed things down to dark tones, baskets, the blue circular mandala and as always, my light coloured signature setup.

With the session plan in place we were soon underway again with the most beautiful family photos! Anmay wasnt entirely ready for sleep yet but that didn't matter one bit as we were able to enjoy his little smiles and his very alert, interesting looks around the room.

Soon enough, Anmay to settled into his dads solid arms being gently shushed and swayed he soon relaxed again and drifted off into a peaceful rest.

It was about this time that I fell head over heels in love with his lashes. Seriously, they are amaze.

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