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Willow Sitter Session - Brisbane Baby Photographer

As we met in the carpark, 6 month old Willow emerged with that squint you have when you just wake up and haven't caught up with where you are yet. A little confused and a little pipped at being woken from a nice dozy sleep.

She snuggled into her Dad while we said our hellos again - for this was the third time I had the pleasure of photographing her. Firstly as a bump at her parents maternity session and then as a 6 day old newborn - and she was a beautiful little newborn, you may recognise her from one of my sample products!

So for her six month session we met at a new park location I have been photographing at recently in Bunya. Morning sessions are held as early as politely possible, so when we arrived at 8am there were not too many people around but by the time we left it was so busy.

We started off down a little pathway from the carpark and within a few meters it was already a perfect spot for the first set of photos. Willows grandparents had joined us as well which is always a lovely session to look back on. Group photos ticked off then we played "Pass the Baby" so everyone could have their own photo with her. It was all going perfectly until Pa lifted her up into the air (something she usually loves) and she got a bit of a fright.

Snuggled and resettled we continued with some photos of her on her own. Shes just starting to sit by herself so her mum stayed close by to help keep her stable for those photos - which was lucky as she did have a tip at one point but her mum caught her before her head got to the ground.

Willow is also starting to stand up now too so she took a hand from Nan and one from Pa and the grin on her face tells you everything you need to know about how much she loves her new skills!

A change of scenery to a different area of the park and we had the second round of everyones photos as well as a 3 generation one of Nan, Mum and Willow, a photo I personally love to capture when possible.

With her smiles running out and tiredness creeping in again we finished the session up and Willow snuggled back into her mums arms for a rest before the car ride home.


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