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Extended Family Session - Family Photographer Brisbane

It was a hot and breezy summer afternoon that we met at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, the cool blue and green colours that this family chose were perfect to help us think cooling thoughts as the summer sun dropped in the sky.

With 4 children under 6 joining us it was always going to be a busy session!

First to make introductions were Grandparents Cheryl and Graham, the ones who arranged the session and first to arrive at the gardens. Next were Will and Katie with their little girl Elizabeth. I actually did a double take "Did you say.... you know like.... ohhhh... You get that all the time, don't you?" to which they replied with a twinkle in their eye "What do you mean?".

Last to meet up was Ian and Adriana with their 3 beautiful children, Arlia and Keira in their pretty dresses and 1 year old Dante in the stroller

As we were getting formalities out of the way a beautiful wedding party passed us, as is very common in the gardens. It is always fun to see a bride and all the lovely bridesmaid dresses go by like a parade and the little girls in their pretty dresses looked so in awe of the adults in their pretty dresses.

With everyone assembled we were off through the gardens looking for the first location, a nice shady spot along a pathway with the vibrant greenery and sun streaks behind.

Next we headed to the jetty on the lake - always a busy spot in the gardens. The children loved looking over the sides to see the turtles, fish and eels in the water below. The sun was hitting the trees and giving them a stunning glowing light and the water was sparkling behind. An idyllic setting no matter which way you look at it.

Keira had a single photo by herself when she noticed the first turtle of the day and went into excitement overload! Arlia was looking next and while I tried to get some smiles from her with words she wasn't having a bar of it, which was eventually what made her smile the most amazing, natural smile you ever saw.

Snacks and drinks in the shade before we wandered through the gardens some more. Keira was not happy in the darker shadier parts so we kept walking until we were in another open grassy area lakeside. The light coming through the trees and bamboo was just magical, perhaps diffused a little by some smoke in the air that day, and every single photo on that grassy lawn is my favourite, like I honestly couldn't choose one over another as they were all just perfect!

The children all had turns for single and sibling photos here with Elizabeth taking a real shine to my red maraca rattle and running about after the resident ibis that are always trying to steal tissues from my bags. She did a good job keeping them away, I should have her come do that job again in future!

Dante would have to be one of the smiliest little boys I have photographed, just so happy! Every photo a stunner, seriously it was unbelievable how photogenic he was.

The sun had dropped behind the trees on the ridge which meant the park would be closing gates soon so with one last shot-list check to ensure all the photo groupings had been done we called it a day and wandered back past the lake, looking at the baby chicks resting on the rocks as we passed by.

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