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What to Wear for Your Brisbane Family Photoshoot

If you have already booked in for your family photoshoot, you can access the Private Client Lounge on the website for more images, inspiration and wardrobe options available. Just use your password to access the locked section of the website.

When it comes to co-ordinating a family outfit to create the perfect family portrait session, there can be a lot to consider.

So I thought it would help to put it all into a blog post to give you a heads-up on a few thing to keep in mind when you are getting everyone sorted for photo day.



You need to be comfortable in the clothing you are wearing. Chances are, you will be a little nervous at the photoshoot so adding an uncomfortable outfit or one that's not your usual style will only add to your nerves.

The menfolk espesically can be uncomfortable when shoved into tight formal shirts or heavy denim jeans on a hot afternoon. So think about your family's comfort when selecting outfits.



Speaking of heat. Certain colours can change quickly when they get wet. Light blues and grey marle are both really bad for it. For this reason, it is a good idea to do a wet-check on the outfits in case it is a hot day or a rain shower comes over during your photos.



The hardest one. What colours work best?

Well I always suggest to look at the colour pallet of your home first up. The colour of your outfits will heavily dictate the tone of your images, and if you are looking to print them for the walls of your home you will want the colour pallet to compliment your home.

It is literally customised artwork.

So if you have lots of soft pastels, then add to that feel with your outfit colouring.

Want to make a statement with a slash of colour? Choose bold colours such as orange or purple.



Once you have a colour pallet settled on, it's time to design the outfits.

Sometimes there is one person in the family who wants to wear a particular piece, so that can sometimes be the starting point.

In this photo of my own family above, my mum only had this striped shirt with her on holiday that was suitable for our photoshoot, so we used that shirt as the pallet for our outfits.

It looks best when there are variations in the outfits.

For example, if Dad and the boys all wear the same blue shirt and tan shorts, they can look like a uniform.

So mix it up:

Dad .......Blue shirt, tan shorts

Kid #1 ... Tan shirt, denim shorts

Kid #2 ... Striped shirt, tan shorts.



One pattern per group is a good rule, so for example above, Mum is wearing a floral dress and everyone else is in block colours found in the dress.

It's a lot of information on the eye if you have a floral dress standing next to a checkered shirt who is standing next to a striped shirt who is standing next to a block colour.



1 - Flouro Footwear

Boys are demons for Bright coloured shoes or socks! Flouro shoes and/or socks are popular with boys but the bright colour will catch your attention every time you look at your family photo. So if you can swap them out for literally ANY other footwear. Seriously, thongs, bare feet or even bland-coloured crocs are less obvious in photos - did you even see them in the photo above? Your beautiful family smiles and connection will be the main focus of the photo and not compete with flouro footwear for attention.

2 - Puffy shoulders on young girls tops

There are so many cute little tops and dresses for girls that have a frilly or puffy shoulder, and while they look lovely on the children, they can be a bit of a hassle in a photoshoot. Having bunchy material close to a little face can obscure part of the face in photos. Some girls will even raise the shoulder and try to hide behind the material in your photos. There have been times that I have captured a perfect family photo, only to then notice half a sweet little face hidden behind a puffy shoulder.

3 - Mini skirts and Shortie-shorts

Teenage girls listen up. At your family photoshoot there is a high chance you will be squatting, sitting on a bench seat or sitting on the ground. Mini skirts and shortie shorts look great when you are standing up, but the moment we bend you at the waist and/or knees, everything changes. The very last thing we want is to capture an unflattering angle, and since family portraits include many people all moving at once trying to look OK in a single photo, I literally can not keep checking that your legs are exactly how you would like them to be.... if you catch my drift. So please wear something a little more forgiving when you are sitting or squatting down, just in case I dont nail your shape in the photo that your parents want to hang on the wall.



So far, the advice we've been tossing around has been more like your buddy giving you a nudge in the right direction. But now imagine this as the holy grail of rules:

No text.

Steer clear of the "Rip Curl" vibes and, for the love of all things photographic, ensure the likes of Paw Patrol or Bluey don't sneak into your family pics.

Picture this: you're aiming for that perfect family moment, and suddenly, you've got surf brands and animated dogs photobombing the whole scene.



Lots of sweet little dresses have glitter on them, but it does not photograph well. The little white spots from the shiny glitter end up looking like glitches in the image capture. Please avoid any outfit with glitter details.


Keeping all this in mind - take a breath and go with your families flow.

All families are different, which is what makes your photos so special and personal to you. Everything here is just advice, you can choose what you take and what you leave, there really is no right or wrong outfit selection in family portraits.

Let your family's unique charm shine – because your photos should tell a story that's all about the laughter, love, and joy of your family!

As you step into your family photography experience, remember, it's not just about perfect colour pallets and avoiding cartoon characters – it's about crafting real moments that tell the story of your unique and wonderful family.

So embrace the authenticity, because that's what transforms a simple snapshot into a family memory.



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