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Baby Jaxom - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Jaxom arrived for his newborn photos with his mum, dad and big sister Arwen.

Arwen is 18 months old and such a little cracker! She was right into the toys from the moment she arrived (thats what they are there for anyway! )

Since Jaxom was hungry we tried to start with some photos of gorgeous Arwen, but despite her Dad and bigger sister Darian trying to coax her to sit on the fluffy mat, she was having none of it.

Thankfully we managed to capture some gorgeous big smiles when mum lifted her up for some giant jumps on the beanbag.

Family photos were up next and with the help once again from Darian to squeeze out extra smiles from Arwen we had their stunning family photo all wrapped up in no time.

Next minute, the studio was almost silent as Darian, Dad and Arwen all took off and left just Jaxom, his mum and me to finish the session in relative. peace.

We talked through colour options and decided on navy and green for Jaxoms session. I had so much fun using my new green backdrop for this setup, and it was just as gorgeous as I had hoped it would be, all the earthy tones bringing a woodlands feel to the setup.

Some greys were next and Jaxom was very happy to be wrapped up and snuggled into a little bed, giving out the cutest facial expressions! So alert and wide eyed while calm and inquisitive.

Until we placed him into the navy setup and suddenly things were not to his liking. It took some time and soothing but eventually he dropped off once more and the gorgeous blue setup was in my camera.

His mum wasnt sure if we were going to get through the sleeping on beanbag photos since he had been so awake and a little restless but sure enough, he dropped into a lovely deep sleep and we made it almost all the way to the end of the sleepy workflow.

As a special request we finished the session replicating an image from big sister Arwen's newborn session, the little feet held in mums hands. I love seeing how little their feet and toes are when compared to an adults, its just incredible how quickly little babies grow.

The great news is that Jaxom and Arwen and their parents will be back again in a few months time for his sitter session so I get to see him again soon, I can't wait!

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