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Sophie Turns One - Brisbane Family Photographer

Little Sophie came to her photo session with her big sister Chloe and their parents. I love photographing all children, all ages so we kicked off this cake smash session with a super quick portrait shoot before getting the mess out. I think that was a good idea! These two girls, my gosh I cant deal with how beautiful they are!

By the time I reset the set and placed the cake down, a cute pink rose cake with a gorgeous One topper from, Sophie was itching to get to it! She has a reputation for being a good eater so I was hoping for a cracker of a cake smash at this session.

Well, she did not disappoint! It took a little bit for her to get into, but in the end Sophie rocked her smash session so much.

Climbing right in and patting the icing, tasting the icing and digging her hands in all very quickly, Sophie was completely spellbound by her pink cake.

But then things slowed down, she wasnt sure any more, she started getting a little upset. So we brough Chloe in to help make some mess and to cheer her sister up - this tactic always works!

Except for today. Today it did not work.

Chloe did not want to get messy. Or sit down. Or touch the cake.

So with Chloe opting out of messy fun it was time for Mum to step in!

Once we showed Sophie that her whole cake was edible, not just the icing, and handed her big fist fulls of cake, she was away! She must have eaten nearly half of the top layer on her own! She loved it so much, a few times she stopped eating to give a little close eyed, scrunch faced, smiley bottom wiggle dance to show how much she loved it.

And I died. The cuteness of those little happy dances were too much, RIP me.

She literally ate until she was full, breaking only for more cute little happy dances, then just like that she was done and was scooped off for a nice warm bath to refresh.

So here you go, you may need to sit down for this one, the cuteness is pretty full-on. You've been warned!

Brisbane Family Photographer | Brisbane Newborn Photographer

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