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Eva, 10 Months - Brisbane Baby Photographer

This was a very special session. A gift from friends to help a wonderful family capture their beautiful bond. Photos to celebrate a beautiful little girl who has had to endure far more than any little person ever should.

Despite her beauty, her smiles, her sweet snuggles with her parents, Eva is not well. She struggles to eat and drink as it often means choking. She has regular physiotherapy to help her stiff hips and other joints. She cant see very well, but let me tell you - she always looks for and finds her parents! These are just the things that came up on photo day. Yet she smiles and giggles just as much - if not more - than other babies her age.

A beautiful little soul that I had the absolute pleasure of photographing.

It was a hot day and after a bit of a slow start we finally put her down on her own on a blanket and having her own space calmed her immediately. She looked for her parents who were each side of the beanbag she was laying on, and as soon as she found them her face lit up with such a glow the whole room felt sparkly.

We added pink flowers to her hair, a pink wrap around her body, snuggled a few different ways and captured some of her adorable smiles, both large and soft, always genuine.

When she would get upset they would sing to her. Eva loves singing and music. My favourite part was the singing - and it was a personalised song too!

"I love you Eva, and if its quite alright, I need you Eva, to warm the lonely nights!" In case you haven't got it yet, its Cant Take My Eyes Off Of You, and the entire song full of lyrics is so beautiful when directed to a baby girl like Eva. Here they all are.

The next set we did was of her looking up from the beanbag, and you may wonder why I couldnt get her to look at the camera. Well, thats because she was so besotted with looking at her Daddy that she simply couldnt take her eyes off him (still singing it!). She just stared and smiled and giggled and he did the same back to his shining little princess.

I had wanted to create something extra special for this extra special family. I had emailed and asked for some creative input to help me come up with a concept. The email that came back from her Mum had me welling up in tears. Reading such words of love from a mother about her daughter was so touching. So I came up with the idea of using those words in a photo. I had her Mum write a letter to Eva and used the letter to overlay into an image. I think it has come up so beautifully.

And let me love you, oh baby, let me love you, oh baby...

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