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Hannah's First Birthday - Brisbane Baby Photographer

I was so excited to welcome back Hannah and her parents for her first birthday photography session.

She's such a beautiful smiley little girl who loves her Mum and Dad so much. As she walked around the room while we got through the formalities I couldn't help but think of how it was not so long ago that she was a tiny little poppet snuggled so gently in her Dads arms.

We kicked off the session with some family photos, something I love to include whenever possible. Since Hannah had packed all of her good smiles for the session today we were through those in no time.

Next we did a photo that we have been working on since her newborn session. We used the same vine nest and wraps at her six month session and again today to show how much she has grown. Its one of my favourite photos to create when we do a First Year Package.

Then it was Cake time!

Hannah was right on to it from the moment I came into the room. She sat beside it, dipped a toe in to test it, tasted the icing, and promptly got up and went to get some hugs from her Mum.

We coaxed her back to the cake, showed her how to play with it and break it up.

She was not happy. She was getting less and less happy as the minutes wore on.

Plan B at a cake smash is fruit. We hide fruit in the cake and since all babies are familiar with fruit they enjoy it a lot.

Strawberries are Hannahs favourite fruit so I cut some up and we showed her where they were in the cake. She dug them out, dusted all the cake crumbs off, inspected closely that the strawberry was now cake free, and ate it.

Gosh she is adorable. The strawberries were a huge hit and the mess got made and the smiles were amazing. She was clapping her hands to show us how happy she was.

Then we ran out of strawberries. But the cake was now a mess - as was Hannah. It was time for a nice warm bath and some fresh clothes and to call it a day.

As we waved our goodbyes, Hannah gurgled something cute at me that sounded along the lines of "next time, more strawberries".

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