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Baby Zane - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Ok. I have a confession.

I see a lot of babies.

Ok so thats not really much of a confession. But when you see a lot of babies, you get used to how cute and squishy they are, then out of no where, every so often (or ever second week, depending on how your hormones are travelling) you swoon over one of your little models.

Well, hold on to your ovaries, because this little man Zane is ahh-DOR-able.

Those cheeks alone will have your heart racing.

His perfect pout <3

Those lashes - 8 days old I tell you!

Even his teeny tiny toes were adorable. See?

Ok, let me introduce you to the rest of the family. He has a big brother Oliver, who I also photographed as a tiny baby, not that you would recognise him now because he is cracking the charts at two years old and bigger than his big sister Peyton!

Peyton is the eldest and also outrageously cute, beautiful brown eyes and the sweetest smile you ever saw. She was tiny when I first met her too, just under 6 lbs, well she's obviously grown a lot in the past 3 years, but not quite as much as Oliver.

Ok, back to Zane.

So its lucky he's so sweet to look at, because he was not too impressed with me. He kept an eye on me the whole time he was here. Im not kidding. This one did not sleep. He faked sleeping here and there for a maxim of maybe 4 minutes at a time, but thats all we need to create these totally gorgeous photos for his family.

They brought along a special receiving blanket to photograph with Zane, one that his mum had been brought home from the hospital in when she was born.

I have incorporated this beautiful blanket into each of the childrens' newborn session, each time trying something a little different with it. Its just so amazing to be able to create something so sentimental for families, a true generational heirloom artwork spanning across time, something these children will be able to look back on as adults and perhaps photograph their own children with this heirloom blanket.

Well, with the important photos done we send the older siblings off for a drive with Dad and wrapped up the rest of the session with in peace and quiet.

We kept most of this session to soft neutral shades and to be honest, Zane looked so sweet in them.

The last shot of the day was in a cute "going home" outfit that his Nonna had bought especially. Another tradition that has followed our sessions with the older siblings.

Its always such a fun day having these guys in studio, and while I get the impression this was the last newborn shoot for them, I can't wait to have them back in a few months for Zane's sitter session!

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