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Before and After Edits - Brisbane Family Photographer

I came across this awesome action set from Sleeklens this week and have had so much fun playing around with some different edit styles. (if you're already keen you can find them here)

Firstly I thought this family photo in the park would look amazing with a moody edit and I loved how the "From a Candy Store - Paint Effect" came up on it. The Light Glow is really cool too to enhance that beautiful golden hour sunlight glow in the sky.

The next one I wanted to try was a pastel edit, so I did this sweet photo of Aara dancing with a ribbon, straight away the "Base - from scratch" was awesome to bring the colour in more and making it pop. I loved playing with "Enhance tones" actions too, painting them on and off certain areas to help customise each edit.

I pulled a maternity edit up next, soft green tones from this beautiful park setting. I played with the portrait retouch actions and some more enhance tones (hot kiss, summer love and velvet ink) and again I loved how the light glow brought out the golden tones in the sun streaked leaves.

The last one I decided to go all in! A gorgeous portrait of my niece that I tested just about every action on, some stayed and some didnt look right so I just deleted them off and kept playing. If they did stay in the edit I still found I preferred to brush them on to parts of the photo instead of a sweeping edit across the whole image.

It was so much fun playing with these new colour styles. They are really easy to use and can help give a new look to your edits. Im sure I will find my favourites over time, so far it's just been lots of fun!

https://sleeklens.c om/photography-blog/ ory/photoshop-actions/

Brisbane Family Photographer | Brisbane Newborn Photographer

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