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Shaw Family - Brisbane Family Photographer

I like things to be perfect. Perfect weather for example.

Driving to this family session, the skies were dark on one side of the car and light on the other.

My heart rate speeds up. Worry starts to niggle.

Ten minutes from the beach location it started raining on my car. I start giving myself a pep talk "This is a good thing. We aren't at the beach yet. Maybe its not raining at the beach. If a shower is going to fall at least it is falling now and not during your shoot".

I get so worked up over these things!

As it turned out (and as it usually does) I shouldn't have been worried at all.

The weather was ah-may-zing for this family session!

The stormy clouds made for such a gorgeous backdrop, diffusing the afternoon light in the most beautiful way. The could even broke apart every so often, letting stunning rays of light through, adding golden streams to an already idyllic, wind free afternoon.

Tabitha and her partner Julie were first to arrive with their gorgeous daughter Neveah - and oh my gosh this 4 year old has the best eye lashes, I seriously did a double take!

The rest of the family weren't far behind and we set off right away to get the session underway.

Sister Kala had just arrived that morning from New Zealand so everyone nominated her to go first.

As every family does, there was a lot of ribbing during the session laughing at each others expense and making those "sweet intimate moment" photos about as awkward as possible for each other.

The sky was just getting better and better as time wore on so after everyone had their first round of photos done, we headed down to a sandy spot where the out-going tide and completely wind-free evening were all coming together to provide a truly epic feel for these photos.

I love the connection of grandparents and their little ones, so we sent Sharon and Greg off with little Neveah to look for shells in the sand. It turns out that this is one of Sharons favourite ever things to do and they were so intently looking that we had to hurry them all up to get to the right spot for the photo!

I like to include as much variety as possible in my outdoor sessions so after the sun had completely dropped behind the horizon we quickly nipped into the gorgeous grassy area beside the beach for one last set of photos. Neveah loved swinging in her mums arms and everyone had another great time ribbing Sharon and Greg as they snuggled in for a kiss photo.

Which got everyone cackling and cat-calling and then they responded as any normal family would....

With the daylight gone we packed up back into the cars and headed off, and I couldn't help but notice two more photographers at the beach that afternoon photographing the amazing sky at that location - and this lucky family had just had their photos with it! Talk about jagging an amazing setting!

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