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Triple Treat - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I was beyond excited to hear from this very special family after they had welcomed their new babies - Mackenzie, Rhys and Alexis.

I could not wait to meet them!

As is often the case with multiple bookings it was short notice as they had just come home from the hospital and were slowly setting into the new routines at home after around 8 weeks in hospital care.

So when Mackenzie, Alexis and Rhys arrived with their big brother Clayton, Mum and Nanny in tow, despite being 8 weeks earth-side they were about the size of an average newborn.

It was a huge credit to their Mum that despite the big change that these gorgeous little ones had brought to their family, it was a peaceful and calm shoot. The triplets were all very settled, even when they were awake it was quiet in the studio.

As their Dad had to work on the day of the shoot we started with a photo with their amazing Mum, then brought in big brother Clayton for a photo of everyone together. He was so sweet, snuggling in to his new siblings and whispering to his Mum. You can see just how proud he is of his beautiful family.

As a back-up photo of the triplets together I had decided to start with some images that I could sew together in photoshop to create a sibling image of them all together. Using the same basket and styling in complimentary earthy coloured wraps I photographed each of the babies individually to start with. Alexis was quite awake and watching everything that was going on, Rhys a little more settled, not quite asleep, a strong fighter for awake time, and finally Mackenzie who was sleeping so peacefully she was so very happy.

We asked Clayton if he would like to try and snuggle all three of his new siblings at one time and he was quite excited about the idea, so I got him to stretch his arms as wide as he could and one by one we placed the babies into his cuddle. He was so serious at this point, all focus on keeping the babies calm and happy. Little Rhys unsettled at one moment and he immediately swung his head from the girls over to kiss Rhys on the head and it calmed Rhys right away. My heart nearly burst in that one adorable moment.

Next we set up the beanbag for our first image of the triplets all together. We started with Rhys in the middle as he had just resettled, although still awake. We brought in the girls and as they were still in their wraps they snuggled in to each other and calmed each other in the way that only babies who have shared a womb can.

Since the cuteness was already off the charts we then helped the girls to hold hands across their brother and all 3 of us adults in the room had little gasps at how beautiful they looked laying there, breathing and snuggling each other like that.

Things unfortunately went a little downhill after that. Maybe because the triplets were a little more awake and aware of everything, maybe because it was getting to the end of the session and they were finished with all the fussing, but despite our very best efforts to capture another image of them all together they made it clear they were ready to go home.

And because I always let the babies lead the session, and we really had tried our hardest to capture this last image, eventually we had to call it a day.

These 3 little people are just so sweet beyond words. Their bond with each other and their family is already so evident by how quickly everyone in the room responded to the micro-movements, their Mum and Nanna were so incredible to watch.

I certainly hope I get to see how these little ones grow over the coming months and years!

Brisbane Newborn Photographer | Brisbane Family Photographer

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