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Baby Mabel - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

As Mabel was being un-buckled from the car her big sister Eleanor burst into the studio full of questions and smiles. Its been a while since I last saw Eleanor and it was such a delight to see her now as a gorgeous bubbly toddler.

Since Mabel was hungry after they arrived, we started with photos of Eleanor on her own - and she loved being the centre of attention! She has the sweetest smile, starting off a little shy then bursting out into the most generous and joyous ear-to-ear grin that even reached her eyes.

After these, and while Mabel was still feedings, we started setting up some of the sets for the rest of the session. I love doing this with the family once they are here so that we can create setups that are exactly the style that your family will love.

As soon as Eleanor saw the vine nest from David Lam Designs she got so excited! She wanted a photo with the nest as well! So we did her a special photo in the nest before Mabel had her turn.

With Mabel fully settled we moved on to photos with her Mum. We had done a maternity session a few weeks beforehand and so the first image we did was the "Before/After" photo combining an image from her maternity session and newborn session together to create one special timelapse image.

In fact, Jess had worked with me to create a very special maternity image at her session, an idea that I had conceived for an award print entry depicting the two sides of a pregnancy, how one moment is blissful and the next minute feels physically and emotionally draining. This image received a silver award at the national AIPP professional print awards in 2017.

I love working creatively with families to come up with unique story-telling imagery as well as the beautiful portraiture you see on my website and social pages. Here are a few other images from Jess' maternity session:

So back to Mabel's newborn session and we pulled Dad in for the first time, then Eleanor again and before long we had finished all family photos with Mabel sleeping almost the whole way through.

The sibling photos with Eleanor were so gorgeous! She took a little bribing (to be fair she was getting tired by this stage) but with a little help from my Nemo pez dispenser that clips to my camera, she laid down on the fluffy blanket and enjoyed her snuggles with her beautiful little sister, even kissing her and whispering to her.

With Eleanor's photos all done, her Dad took her to daycare while we moved on to the rest of the session.

Pink blanket photos were up now and Mabel looked so sweet snuggled on the soft mohair blanket, almost the same colour as her deliciously chubby cheeks.

She was not a fan of bringing her elbows forward for the head on wrists photo but she did love laying on her side and her tummy.

With the sleepy photos all wound up it was home time and as they were packing things up Dad said "Hey, we have time to head to the city now to look at some cars!"

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