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Oliver and Henry - Brisbane Baby Photographer

Oliver and Henry are identical twins. Thankfully, they came dressed in different outfits so for at least half of the session I could tell who was who.

We knew the boys would run out of smiles by 10am so we worked as quickly as possible to get a great variety of images in their gallery before their morning nap time crept up.

Family photos and parent photos out of the way we moved on to photos of the boys together in they really cute sailor suits. They have recently learnt to crawl so it was quite the job trying to keep them in one place for their photos! There are tons of images where Oliver has crept forward or Henry has gone sideways - all with a cheeky grin.

Henry soon became concerned with the texture of the fluffy mat and so I changed it up and did a new setup with a softer mat underneath. We gave the boys a little teddy bear to hold to try and keep them still for this one, but Oliver preferred to play "Dropsie" with it. Every time he would throw the little teddy, his mum would hand it back and he would laugh hysterically! It was the cutest thing.

Next, to bring some colour into their gallery we did a powder blue fluffy photo.

Now I have to confess, the boys were now naked and this was the point at which I started getting confused about who was who.

So, the first one to have a turn on the blue fluffy mat (and I want to say it was Henry, but I really am not sure) loved it. He lay there, relaxed and happy, smiling and playing peek a boo with Dad.

The second one (and for consistency sake, I will say Oliver) was not such a fan. We tried three separate times to get him to lay back and relax on the fluff and each time he was very clear that he did not like it. In the end he was more content sitting upright on the fluffy blanket instead. Probably because his cute little toes were a great distraction.

I love a "baby in a basket" so next we set up a basket on the dark wood background. This time Henry (I think) had first turn and was neither happy nor bothered about the basket. He was a bit like "Oh. A basket hey? Ok. Whatever." and just sat there looking around.

But when it came to Oliver's turn in the basket, it was another story. Now, Oliver had not been keen on the blue fluff, or the white fluff. But there was no fluff touching him here. He sat in the basket, he was not sure about it until... he found he could rock it like a rocking horse.

Before you know it he was rocking and giggling and having the time of his life!

Next minute, Henry realises that he has missed out on some fun! So we put the boys in the basket together and got some of the cutest photos of the day. Until Oliver realised he wasn't able to rock the basket as much with his brother in there and started protesting again. With Henry removed he enjoyed one last rock before we pulled him out.

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