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Baby Jaxom - Brisbane Baby Photographer

When Jaxom returned for a sitter session I had high hopes for capturing a beautiful sibling photo with his awesome big sister Arwen.

You see, seven months ago Arwen was not having anything to do with sibling photos at her brothers newborn session. No way, no how.

I hoped with a bit of time she would come around to the idea and really felt that this session was going to be a winner.

Well... Arwen was still not having anything to do with her brother, and she was certainly not planning on sitting next to him for even a moment. Not even with the bribe of some cheese (a girl after my own heart!) could we get her to barter on this one.

Thankfully photoshop came to the rescue and I was able to create a sibling photo by stitching two similar images together. This is major progress from the newborn session where Arwen wouldn't even have a photo alone.

While I much prefer to capture true moments in camera, sometimes kids like to do what they want to do and sometimes that means they dont want to cuddle their sibling. So instead of getting upset or stressed about them not doing what what I want them to do, I can just go with the flow at the session and usually bring it together afterwards.

So while Arwen sat on her Dad's knee eating cheese we continued with the main man of the day, and holy smokes Jaxom had all the faces ready to go!

There were surprise faces, there were laughs and occasionally there was a thoughtful look. But mostly there were laughs.

When he started chewing on his foot I just about collapsed from how cute it was.

Just when I thought I could take no more, his mum pulled out a cute little "old man hat" and teamed up with the rolls, the smiles and the drool it was officially cute overload.

And just like that we were done. Baby sessions are always short and sweet because babies get tired quickly, especially when we are chaining clothes, doing tummy time, singing and shaking rattles and tickling them, its all very exhausting for them so we keep the session as short as possible.

I absolutely love sitter sessions, especially when its with a baby I have met as a newborn. It never ceases to amaze me how big babies grow and how quick! I also love re-creating images from their newborn session to show how much they have grown.

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