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Baby Flynn - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I first met this gorgeous family at their maternity session, little Asher was a bundle of energy racing around and getting very excited about the birds and the planes and the dogs at the gorgeous beach spot. It was a hot, breezy afternoon and a few people were out enjoying the late afternoon sun.

Fast foward a few weeks and they arrived with the sweetest baby boy for their newborn photos! The very first thing I said when I saw him was "Oh wow - he's a little poppet!!" And he was, just 2.3kg and 47cm, a sleepy, adorable tiny little baby boy.

The name Sonny had been decided just that morning on the way to the photo session. He kept this name for just a few days before getting his real name: Flynn.

So on the morning of the photo session, he was Sonny.

Big brother Asher was in heaven playing with all the toys in the room beside the studio and we were quickly done with family photos and sibling photos.

Such a doting big brother, he loved snuggling his new baby brother, giving him kisses and whispering secrets to him. These special moments are what we treasure most. The newness, the sweet, honest, pure love of two young brothers getting to know each other.

Then Grandad came to collect Asher and it was so cute to hear Asher tell his Grandad that baby brother had a name!

Asher: "This is baby!"

Grandad: "Yes...."

Asher: "Brother."

Grandad: "... yes ..."

Asher: "Baby Sonny!"

Gradad: "Baby funny?"

Asher: "Baby SONNY! Haha!"

Grandad: "Oh Sonny! Well I guess thats better than Norman!"

Grandads name is Norman, just so you know.

Grandad Norman popped into the studio quickly to see little "Sonny" Flynn sleeping soundly, snuggled into some soft curly fleece. There was pride in his eyes and a lovely smile for his newest Grandson.

Asher was delighted to head off for a playdate at his grandparents and we quickly got through the rest of Sonny/Flynn's photos without any problem. It was a dream session for me as a photographer working with such a sweet, sleepy baby boy.

Brisbane Newborn Photographer | Brisbane Family Photographer

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