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We arrived at the beach on a breezy day with a full tide. The sun was just starting to drop and the afternoon was comfortably warm, even with the wind.

Paikea and Kahu were in the back of their parents car getting changed into their good clothes for the shoot, Pai in a stunning bright pink dress and Kahu into a cool shirt and tie combo!

While I waited I wandered the area to see how the location was going to photograph well today. Occasionally I picked up a leaf or two and as I got back to the cars I showed the kids my fancy leaves.

I last photographed this awesome family when Paikea was born, 3 years ago. She was gorgeous then and still is today, just check out those beautiful eyelashes!!

Kahu has loads of energy and he was very excited to be at the beach, looking at the trees and spotting some cool insects that were climbing up a tree beside them.

Paikea brought her A game and was a little star for the camera and Kahu was hilarious, pulling faces with his dad, getting upside down tickles and generally being the class clown.

We soon headed to the water edge for some watermelon and suddenly the mood changed! There was calm and quiet. There was the crisp crunch of watermelon bites and giggles as the kids enjoyed the melon party together.

It looked so good that Mum and Dad joined in, and when Kahu couldnt keep his wet hands out of the sand, Mum was there to step in and hold his watermelon slice while he ate as much as he could.

The sun was just setting and the kids enjoyed a last run around while their parents took a quiet moment together to reflect on their love and I can tell you straight up, this is a couple very much in love and a family that positively glows with joy.

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