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Baby Max - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

A big ute pulled up for this newborn session, Mum jumps out and climbs up into the back seat to unclip baby Max. I said "Wow you're doing well to be getting up that high after having a baby!" and she said "Oh yeah, this is my car so we have to work out how its all going to work." And in that moment I fell a little bit in love with Max's mum Rochelle.

Max was also very much in love with his mum as he snuggled into his mum all content and calm.

They chose colour images for their family photos and we started with photos Rochelle's first up before bringing in Dad and then switching everyone around some. Max was a little unsettled being handled and curled up in new ways he probably isn't used to but with a little settling he was content enough for the family photos to be done quickly.

Then it was his turn to be the star of the show, and he certainly was!

Since his session was just one week before Christmas we did a Christmas themed image, then I quickly re-jigged the setup for a simple classic white set.

When I added in a teddy bear his mum actually did a little squeal at how cute it was. She said "He never looks so chilled out like that when he's unwrapped, its so cute!"

I took this opportunity to capture all his special details, his sweet pout, his fingernails and of course, his incredible eyelashes! I know many a woman who would pay good money for lashes like these!

Max fell into a deep sleep at this point and so we were able to capture the next setup with the blue mandala in record time.

To finish the session off while he was in a deep sleep, I positioned him with some cute white shorts and then a wrap like he was tucked into bed. Aw-mah-gawsh I was melting at how cute this was.

Since he was so peaceful we captured a set of photos in my signature setup, a neutral set that I do every session. It is mostly to capture the tiny little feet and toes of newborns but when they are in the mood to relax I photograph extra images in the set too. Max was waaay relaxed. He was most happy for me to photograph him, then he kicked his feet out and it almost looked as though he was saying "Look lady, you keep curling me up but this is how I like to relax!" and I loved it!

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