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Baby Quinn - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

After this family's maternity photos, I was a little worried I wouldnt be able to live up to expectations at their newborn session!

I mean, their maternity session was so amazing, on the beach just around the corner from their home, Sienna dancing on the sand as William played with the sand toys. Then a storm rolled in behind us and we captured the most magnificent images of Katherine in her stunning pregnancy with a sunset and a storm simultaneously erupting behind her.

This moment struck a chord with me as it was happening because you see, Katherine was carrying a rainbow baby. A rainbow baby is the child born after a lost pregnancy or infant death. The term coined as without the storm, the rainbow couldnt be.

One of the fun things about an outdoor maternity session is that it is a lot of fun for the kids! Sienna and William had the best time running around on the beach, jumping over the little waves as they splashed onto the sand and finding shells and sticks to play with.

So with such an incredible maternity session already delivered, I felt I had set hte bar very high for their next session, the newborn.

The first thing I said when I met little Quinn was "Whoa he's big! Isn't he?" Because he looked so big in Katherines arms, all cheeks and squishy goodness. But he was not the big unit he appeared to be at first, it was jus the perspective of Katherine's small frame holding her baby that make him seem so large. Weighing in at a standard 7lbs and 50cm he was a very average baby boy.

With Sienna and William set playing with some toys we started off with some family photos before calling them in for their cuddles.

Sienna was most happy to pose and smile on cue, but William was less sure of the whole process. With the kids so chilled out after their photos we let Sienna hold her new baby brother for the sibling photos and oh, holy cuteness I think I went to heaven a little bit.

Quinn's turn for the spotlight came next and Katherine pulled out a stunning yellow blanket to show me. This was a blanket her mother had made and it had been passed on from her sister to her. A beautifully crafted pram blanket with a lovely diamond pattern throughout. I knew we had to use it a few ways.

Next we did the rainbow set in remembrance of the childrens' lost sibling. I love this image as a gentle and sweet way to honour their little brother or sister that they never got to meet.

I also go a bit creative with an idea I had around balloons and celebrating all 4 children in this family with baby Grace represented in the white balloon floating away.

And to finish the day off, little Quinn slept soundly through the full beanbag flow posing ....

... until the very last pose when he suddenly sprung awake with the most amazing smile you have ever seen in a one week old!

William and Sienna were both so excited to hear that they were getting a treat for their good behaviour during the photoshoot and were out the door and buckled into the car in no time flat!

It was such an awesome morning with this gorgeous family creating memories and documenting life in this moment.

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