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Baby Emily - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Emily was so happy and content at her newborn photo shoot, she barely opened her eyes the whole time she was here.

Her Grandad Alistair joined her parents at the session and it was so beautiful to capture his incredible connection and love for his first grandchild. Family photos are always so emotional for me, newborn babies dont fit in your arms like this for long. I particularly love photos with grandparents because you can almost see how holding their new baby grandchild takes them back to the last time they held a baby like this, when it was their own. Alistair was so proud of little Emily, his eyes sparkled as he snuggled her and she loved the cuddle too, giving us a big smile.

Her mum loved earthy, dusky rose colours so we did a gorgeous setup with the vine basket and some rustic wraps. Emily is a really little baby and she snuggled into the centre of the nest so easily.

Since her middle name was Rose we did a cute rose themed photo and she was absolutely perfect curled up in the middle of the felt flower.

By the time we were getting to the beanbag photos Emily was starting to get hungry, so we took a short drinks break while I changed the room around a little.

She got the hiccups for a little while, then after they were settled we lay her down on the beanbag for the next lot of cute photos. It was no surprise that she slept soundly through the full workflow, bottom up, forward facing, side sleeper and my favourite wrapped up in a curly ball with a stretchy wrap. Since she had been sitting breech she was extra curly and her toes were right up beside her face. Her parents told me she sometimes sucks her own toes instead of her fingers!

The last set of the day was one her dad had been looking forward to all day. A lovely neutral set that I photograph at each newborn session. I call it my signature setup because it is so versatile and all babies, regardless of size, gender, skin tone or age look totally adorable in it. Emily nailed it.

To raise the bar a little higher we added in some snuggle toys her parents had brought along too, oh the cuteness!

And that was that, she was all done! It had been a wonderful morning with a truly lovely family.

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