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Baby Caitlin - Brisbane Baby Photographer

Caitlin is just a baby and already been through more than most adults in her short life, but you would never know it. She's one of the most chilled out, happy little babies I have had in the studio!

Her two big brothers came along as well and right from the cracker of a high five I got from 7 year old Jonathan as he jumped out of the car, I could tell they would be awesome.

Joseph was a little more cautious of me at first but it wasn't long before he was hitting the high fives as well, laughing and having a great time all morning.

Family photos are always up first and while Caitlin was a little thoughtful throughout, they were such stunning photos of everyone together.

The boys had turns on their own for some photos next and 4 year old Joseph was great at playing the "Mannequin Game" where I pose him into shape and he holds it still like a mannequin!

I think their favourite part was when I asked them to pull faces at each other, they really got into it!

Caitlin then took over the show starting with a beautiful Cinderella blue set to really show off her stunning eyes.

Since we did blue we then did pink and this was about when the smiles started coming out. I love both these rosy pink images, her big happy smile and then her sweet, inquisitive look too.

Now baby girls and flowers are a match made in heaven, so before Caitlin could object I popped the white floral bonnet on her and her dad let out a little "Awww!" at how cute it was!

She had a lovely turquoise blue outfit with her so we matched it up with a backdrop I have in the same colour. Her mum was dissappointed she wasn't smiling much, so she called Joseph in to do his "silly laugh" behind me and sure enough Caitlin was giggling away in no time!

To wind the session up we finished with a Dad-Request. Dad is a kiwi (Kia Ora Bro!) and had a choice-as outfit for his little girl - an All Blacks tutu dress! Caitlin obviously knows which team to back because she was bursting with more giggles in this cute little outfit!

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